Choosing jewelry to complement your face shape

There are four basic face shapes which you should keep in mind when choosing jewelry. Both earrings and necklaces can either complement or really ruin the lines of your face. People often remember to think about earrings but don’t take into account the fact that the style of their necklaces can really impact things as well.

The face shapes are:

  • Heart/triangle/diamond
  • Round/square
  • Rectangular
  • Oval

People can be quite disparaging about various face shapes, but at Pandora Store AU we firmly believe that it’s just a matter of choosing your jewelry wisely! All face shapes can look beautiful, and the most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful no matter what you’re wearing. Even if something doesn’t complement you perfectly in shape or color, if it makes you feel good, you should totally wear it. Sometimes something won’t work for you, even if it’s recommended for your skin tone and face shape. It’s important you find something that works for you, so you should take these as guidelines and experiment with anything you think is beautiful!

That said, to really enhance the way you look, take care to match your features with the jewelry you wear.

People with heart-shaped faces, with angled chins, should look for dangle or drop earrings to help lengthen the look of the face. Something with a bit of sparkle or flash can do the job especially well! In terms of necklaces, though, a choker works really well to soften the sharp angle of the chin and contrast with the shape of your face. Wearing something longer would tend to emphasize the length of your face.

If you have a round or square face, elongated and angular shapes really help your profile. Tear-drop earrings almost always look stunning on people with square-ish faces, while rectangles complement rounder faces. When you’re choosing a necklace, go for something that will elongate your face, with necklaces that extend to the neckline or longer. A choker would probably just emphasize the lack of length to your facial features.

If you have a rectangular face, that means you have a square face that’s quite long. In this case, short or round earrings look best, along with a stylish choker – especially if you have quite a long neck to match.

People with oval shaped faces can probably vary the routine a lot, depending on the length of their face and neck. When choosing earrings, go for something with a bit of length, probably with an angular shape. Don’t be tempted to go for something too long, though, as this can make your face look too thin. In terms of necklaces, you’re pretty free to choose whatever you like. The longer your neck is, though, the shorter the necklace you should choose to compensate.

Have fun!